Luggage Review: Enkloze X1 Carbon Fiber Carry-On

Finding a good carry-on can be a very difficult task. You want one that is not only good looking but is functional and offers something that its competitors don’t. You want one that will last for years and can safely carry your belongings to your next destination. That’s where the Enkloze X1 Carbon Fiber carry-on comes in. It’s durable, stylish, and one of a kind.



Enkloze x1 Reinforced Corners

The Enkloze X1 is made out of 100% polycarbonate, which means that it is durable, strong, and lightweight. The carbon fiber carry-on will fit inside of all major airlines’ overhead compartments, so you will not have to worry about it getting thrown around when it is being loaded on the plane. But, if you do end up having to check it, its aluminum shock absorbers reinforce the corners so it won’t end up coming out on the conveyor belt in pieces like some hard cases do if they aren’t handled correctly.

SIZEEnkloze x1 Internal Compartment

At 21.3” x 14.6” x 9.4” (54cm x 37cm x 24cm) the Enkloze X1 is pushing the limits of carry-on size (like the previously reviewed Ricardo Beverly Hills carry-on).  But again, that’s a good thing in my opinion.  Weighing in at 8.2lbs (3.7kg), the Enkloze x1 is pretty light for its size which you would expect from a carbon fiber carry-on.


Enkloze x1 External Pocket

The bag is intuitively designed and comes with many features. Perhaps my favorite one is the organization pocket located in the front of the suitcase.  The generously sized pocket allows you to easily access your laptop during security and on your flight.  It can even eliminate the need for a second carry-on or personal item.  The Enkloze x1 comes equipped with TSA approved locks, four wheels, and an adjustable pull rod and really quiet, smooth-rolling wheels. These features make it an extremely functional carry-on option whether you’re headed on a business trip or a weekend getaway.  You can pick up the Enkloze X1 in black or white.  The white carbon fiber actually looks pretty nice, but like Wesley Snipes, I always bet on black.


Enkloze x1 Handle

The Enkloze X1 really looks good and as you’d expect from a carbon fiber carry-on, it’s also very light and durable.  But the real target audience here is going to be frequent travelers looking for something a step or two above something you’d pick up at Costco or a department store.


Enkloze x1 Wheel

If you’re on a budget, but looking to invest in a quality piece of luggage, the Enkloze X1 compares favorably to bags twice its price. Plus, all Enkloze products are under warranty for at least five years. If something that is covered breaks,  the company will repair it. All you have to do is take photos of the issue and email it to their support team. You can see a complete list of what’s covered under warranty on their website.  The bottom line on value here is that you can really feel comfortable that you’re paying a premium for quality and not for just the name on the front.


Enklozed x1 Main Compartment TSA Lock

It’s obvious that I am pretty enamored with the Enkloze X1.  There is one major immediately apparent flaw, though.  The built in TSA lock for the main compartment uses a key rather than a combination.  (The second TSA lock for the front pocket is a combination lock.)What were you thinking, Enkloze?  I know that I can get a replacement key by contacting you if I lose mine, but that’s not going to do me any good when I’m trying to unlock my bag on the spot at the request of security at the Ho Chi Minh airport!  A carbon fiber carry-on with an integrated key lock is like a new BMW with a tape deck.  Why?


Enkloze x1 Profile

The Enkloze X1 carbon fiber carry-on is a durable bag that comes with features that other bags just don’t have. It is a great price compared to its competitors and the five-year warranty is hard to beat. The sleek, high-quality carbon fiber carry-on is made with the best materials and is extremely functional. If you purchase the Enkloze x1, you’re purchasing a piece of luggage that you will not only love, but you will be able to use for years.

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