Five Reasons to Travel

It’s never been easier and cheaper to travel. You can book a flight in a matter of minutes. With just a few tweaks, you get discounted tickets up to 99% less the original price.
Aside from the obvious reason of having to see, touch, feel, taste, and hear the beauty of a new place, here are five reasons why you should travel:


Traveling makes you grateful

Exploring new places and experiencing new things does magic to your attitude. It makes you more appreciative. When you’re away, you become more thankful for what you have; your friends, your family, and your home. It’s easy to take them for granted because you see them every day.
Traveling is a privilege not everybody can afford. When you get the opportunity to travel, it fills up your heart with gratitude.

Traveling makes you smarter

It doesn’t mean that your IQ will hit the roof after you travel. But your horizons will broaden and your perspective will change. The journey will open up your mind to ideals, cultures, and philosophies you’ve never even considered.
Travel boosts your thinking capacity by creating more neurological links in your brain. You’ll think more logical and become a better problem solver.

Traveling creates opportunities

Traveling builds momentum for your career. Going to a new place means you’ll be meeting new people. People you’ll never meet if you stay in one place. Your journey might jump-start the big breakthrough you’ve been hoping for. It might even open doors you never expected.
The experience will also enhance your creativity. You might be presented with new ways to do your job. Or it might inspire you to start a career path you haven’t previously considered. The new place can also strike a clear vision to your mind.

Traveling makes you happy

There are several ways traveling makes you happy. First off, it’s a great confidence booster. Going to a new place means stepping out of your comfort zone. It means facing unique challenges and being able to overcome them.
The journey leads you not only to new places but more importantly, towards self-discovery. Sometimes, it’s all the therapy you need to get out from your misery.
White sand beaches, crystal blue waters, colorful parades, aromatic coffee, authentic cuisine, stunning sunsets and sunrises, splendid mountain peaks; do I need to say more?

Traveling makes you a better person

When you sum up the four reasons above, it will equate to you becoming a better person. Traveling makes you realize how small you are and how small your problems are. You empathize with other people better. You see that the real world is really beautiful. Millions of Instagram photos won’t equate to seeing one real thing.
Traveling transforms you into a better planner. At the same time, it molds you into a person that knows how to react when not everything goes as planned.
Lastly, traveling teaches you to live in the moment. It’s easy to forget how to slow down when you’re trapped in your daily routine. When you travel, you experience bliss. You become fully present. You really live.

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